Shelter Island Art Association

Chuck Peterson
Lazy Susan

It is my mission to create unique, high quality functional art
 that you will not find anywhere else.

I have been painting and making signs for a living since1983.
I started painting wood furniture as another creative outlet
to calm and focus
a restless mind.

Ladybug Table
Coat Tree
Sahkespeare Chair

Some of the wood I use
is reclaimed from old barns
and fallen down buildings.

Most of my designs
are bright and whimsical.

Others, such as the vintage style signs/coat racks
are designed to recreate
the look of old, weathered
hand painted signs.

 All of the paints and finishes I use
are non-toxic, all natural,
such as casein paint.

Each piece is hand painted, with a brush, as a unique piece, no stencils,
screen or digital printing.

Enjoy your visit.

To see more go to:


(760) 207-5189


Mercantile Sign


Sofa table