Shelter Island Art Association

Joy Lilly

I have lived in San Diego since 2011 and have found it inspiring
to be creative and to experience art with others in person in San Diego.

I have been experimenting in different media including
 anodized titanium jewelry, photography and Batik.

I use titanium sheet metal
which I cut and sand
(to smooth and shape the edges)
buff or give a brushed finish
and then may anodize
(to create voltage-determined surface coloration)
and engrave with designs. 

For earrings, I use preformed ear wires made of titanium or niobium -
both of which are inert metals
that are extremely hypoallergenic. 

Titanium Earrings 3a
Titanium is very strong and lightweight, making titanium jewelry
quite comfortable to wear.

For necklaces I use sterling silver wire
to attach my titanium pendants
to preformed sterling silver chain.
In making titanium jewelry by hand, I enjoy creating new ‘looks’ which can range from brilliant or subdued colors
on highly-polished titanium
(with or without distinct hand-engraved designs)
to shimmery, reflective,
multicolor appearances
with subtle color changes
through highly engraved areas. 

Fish Batik
I hope you can come by
and see some examples
in person!