Artists must be at least 18 years old and a current resident of San Diego County.
Prospective members must have their work approved by a jury of S.I.A.A. members.
Apply in person at the weekend Art-in-the-Park Show between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.. 

Jury Rules
                    1. Five finished and ready to show (framed if two-dimensional) pieces must be presented.
                         2. Work must be of original design, created and produced by the artist.
                         3. Work must not violate U.S. Copyright Laws.
                         4. Work must be of good quality.
                         5. Work cannot be obscene or otherwise in bad taste.
                         6. If some work is rejected and some work accepted then only the accepted work can be shown.
                         7. 2/3 of all jury members must vote to “Accept” a new member.
                         8. Unacceptable categories:
                             a) Clothing
                             b) Nude paintings or photographs
                             c) Kit Items
                             d) Strung beads (unless 90% of all components of the beads are handmade by the artist)
                             e) Put-togethers such as baskets with dried flowers
                             f ) Slip Cast Ceramics (buying greenware and decorating) may be used only as a part of
                                  an artistic piece as in a sculpture totally made by the artist.
                             g) Decopage plaques

If accepted, a member must pay $30 dues for this calendar year and provide a California Seller's Permit.